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Centre Name:     Lutheran Youth Centre (ELCSA-COD)       

Type:              Youth Centre 
Address:         8th Avenue; Belgravia; Athlone; Cape Town
Telephone:     021 6966612
Fax:                0216960203

eMail: lutherancentre@xsinet.co.za
Contact:    Andrea Dickson      
Capacity:    Matron                        

  The Centre was established in 1980, by Pastor Hans Engdahl as venue for organization, groups and students.  It had humble beginnings with Mrs. Vivian West as the first Matron.  It was not only a venue for Lutherans, but to all interested parties.  It started with four dormitories, a library, and lecture room.  It expanded to three floors which can cater for 120 people.  The Centre even housed our members of Government during the 1980’s unrest and struggle years.  Mrs. Ansie Poole served as the longest Matron and Director during the late 1980’s to the year 2005. 

The current Matron, Mrs. Andrea Dickson has been in the post since 2005.  The initial and current view is still the same, as to faciliticiate and manages this Centre for the Cape-Orange Diocese.  Currently, we are catering to all Government Agencies, which include, Social Development; Women’s movements; ANC Youth League; Social Services; Voting Registration; Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport; Department of Public Health.  We also have a standard relationship with Local Government in which agencies, such as housing organization, use our venue for conference and workshops (they are the trust for community and education); Mamas Coin factory (the building of houses in rural areas); Treatment Action Campaign (HIV/AIDS workshops &education).  We also expanded to our local sport clubs which use our venue over the Easter Period. 

We have extended our base to include the Department of Education, locally and international namely: U.W.C, UCT, Stellenbosch, UNISA, Damelin and University of Canada.  The Lutheran Church has come on board in holding Confirmation Camps at the Lutheran Centre.  Our Relationship with all Parishes has improved.  We have the World Cup in 2010 in which we have extended our base in the United Kingdom with Rugby and Soccer Training Camp.  They will be staying at the Centre where sports camps will be held.  This relationship started in 2007

Andrea Dickson (Matron & Treasurer)
Errol Benting (Maintenance & Signatory)
Shirley Morris (Secretariat & Signatory)
Mr Snell (Bookkeeper)
All Members can be reached via email. We can only strive to trust in God to allow us to continue and prosper for another 30 years.  Thank you for the opportunity to express our History and day-to-day operational procedures.

FACILITIES:  THE facilities are based on the Hostel format in which we can cater from as many as 15 per room to 2 persons per room.  Our affordable rates allow holidaymakers are making use of our venue during seasonal periods as our prices do not increase and remain competitive.  We offer bed, breakfast, lunches, and suppers daily to our guest, ranging from schools during the school field trips to Cape Town.  Our daily conference packages accommodate all menus.  We don’t have self-catering facilities, which make it more affordable to our clientele.  We are equipped with Laundry services and housekeeping facilities.  We boast about our friendly staff and the Matron and family that are available at all times.  We even have the Lutheran Church in walking distance in the event you may wish to attend Church Services.  We are equipped with complete security in the form of an electric fencing and an electronic gate.  We tender to these measures by charging our guest with a gate remote for entry.  Our tour groups are safe where they can park there buses as well. Our rates are as follows:
Bed & Breakfast Per Person Per Day                                 R230.00
Bed, Breakfast, Lunch Per Person Per Day                        R270.00
Bed, Breakfast, Lunch, Supper Per Person Per Day            R320.00
Our Conference Package Per Person Per Day                    R390.00

In addition, we also do outside catering in which we offer platter formats ranging from sandwich to chicken to seafood platters. The prices range from R80,00 to R180,00.  We have annual Christmas Lunches in which we cater to the Lutheran Church and other Church Fraternal for a minimal fee.  The Centre has become an institution in which we touch base with our Parish members across the Western Cape Circuit.  Our voice, in which have sustained our existence for almost 30 years, has mainly been through word of mouth and now with internet – and the Diocesan website – it will definitely spread our client base.  We have consistently kept all these relationships and made more.

 FUNCTIONS OF BOARD:  Execution of Centre’s Business Plan
Alignment with ELCSA-COD Rules
Adherence to Legislation (BCOE; OHASA; etc.)
Monthly meetings (by the 10th of each month)
Quarterly progress reports to Diocesan Council (COD)
Communication with Donors and/or Sponsors
Strive for financial independence
Auditing of Centre’s financial books
Fundraising to boost income


   FINANCIAL FOCUS:   The challenges are still the same, mainly to keep the business and running of the Lutheran Youth Centre viable for its stakeholders. This will definitely allow us to grow from strength to strength, in order to improve our existence in which we delight our customers. It is a challenge to increase our revenue in these difficult financial times.  If we were able to remain focus during the years of struggle, we can sustain the economic meltdown which the world in currently adjusting to. Our focus is to increase our existing revenue by 20% by 2010.



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