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Centre Name:   Lutheran Day Care Centre (ELCSA-COD)                    

Type:                Day Care Centre
Address:           59 Booysen’s Park Drive | Booysen’s Park | PE
Telephone:       041 483 2606
Cell:               073 044 7534
Contact:        Dorothy Koening
Capacity:       Principle & Matron

   This facility was started – on behalf of the Lutheran Church – in September 1987 with the sole purpose of providing a day-care service to children of parents who had to work.  As the poor community of Booysen’s Park was located away from facilities, parents had to leave their place of residence to go to work very early in the morning.  No one could look after these kids whilst the parents were at work, and the Church saw the need to address this problem and provided a haven to these little kids during the day.  Many people did not have money to take their children to other centers outside.  It was impossible to maintain the Centre without any assistance and assistance was sought from Government.  The application became successful and a certificate was issued on 09 November 1990 to operate a subsidized Day Care Centre.  The Donor is iBhayi (sole sponsor at the moment, but exploring other possibilities to add more value to children).

   It provides “day care” for children aged 2-6 years, under very difficult circumstances.  Reason being is that minimal fees are being paid by parents, as a result of socio-economic conditions (incl. unemployment & poverty) in the area.  However, the LDCC contributes towards the school readiness of these children.  A maximum of 100 children can be accommodated, in a schooling environment.  New curricula were put in place during 2008, aligned with the Department of Education’s curricula / syllabus.  A Grade-R class is also planned for 2009.  The LDCC is managed from Mondays to Fridays, from 07:00 to 17:00 daily.  We are in the process of reconfiguring these times, ie. to create a school-type programme (07:00 to 14:30) and an after-care facility (14:30 to 18:00).
FUNCTIONS OF BOARD:     Execution of Centre’s Business Plan
Alignment with ELCSA-COD Rules
Adherence to Legislation (BCOE; OHASA; etc.)
Monthly meetings (by the 10th of each month)
Quarterly progress reports to Diocesan Council (COD)
Communication with Donors and/or Sponsors
Strive for financial independence
Auditing of Centre’s financial books
Fundraising to boost income
Relationship mngt (stakeholders)
CENTRE BOARD:     Rev. J.R. Krotz (Director)
Andre Koening (Secretary)
Dinah Salmans (Treasurer)
Pat Bartman (Education)
Isaac Thysse (Maintenance & Security)
Rozetta McKaiser (Parent Representative)
Gladys Gcoboka (Parent Representative)

FINANCIAL FOCUS:    As per the priorities of COD-FPC, the following schematic diagram depicts the challenges for managing finances in COD-Centres.



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