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Freedom Through Christ Jesus

(as per ELCSA Constitution; PART IV)

Bishop Raymond William Bowles

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The Diocese is headed by Bishop William (Bill) Raymond Bowles. The Diocesan Administrative offices are situated in North View, Homestead KIMBERLEY.

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1.1        All adults and children who have been received into the Church through

1.2        All members of Lutheran churches transferred according to the regulations of the Church.

1.3        All persons baptized in the name of the Triune God and in the recognized manner who have been admitted from other denominations after having been instructed in the Lutheran doctrine and who have expressed their adherence thereto.


CHAPTER 2:      The Duties of the Church Members

2.1        The essence of church membership is the call, election and incorporation into the Body of Christ, effected by the Word and the holy sacraments. Therefore every member of the church must be a member of a congregation.

2.2        Members of the Church are:

2.2.1     To worship and adore God as their Lord, to abide faithfully in the Word of God, to make regular use of the sacraments and to embrace and profess the faith and doctrine of the church;

2.2.2     To lead a Christian life, to promote the true edification and growth of the
Church and to lead non-believers to Him who is the Saviour of all;

2.2.3     To observe the rules and regulations of the Church and to counsel all who profess themselves to be her members to do the same;2.2.4     To bear one another's burdens and be prepared to sacrifice their own interest for the sake of the community;


2.2.5     To bring regularly all contributions and offerings which have been decided upon by the Church, and to make every effort otherwise to support the Church financially,  provided that no member shall be liable for any debts of the church, save to the extent of his/her unpaid contributions;

2.2.6     To submit to the discipline of the Church in accordance with biblical scriptures.


CHAPTER 3:      The Privileges of the Church Members

3.1        Baptized members shall have the privilege of partaking in the Holy Communion. 

3.2        Every member is entitled to the spiritual care and spiritual instruction which it is the duty of the Church to give.

3.3        Confirmed members shall have the privilege to act as sponsors for children who are brought for baptism.

3.4        Every confirmed member of the Church who is 18 years and above has the privilege to participate in deliberations on Congregational affairs and to use his/her vote when decisions are taken.

3.5        Members who have the right to vote and who are known to take an active interest in Congregational affairs may be entrusted with honorary tasks within the Congregation.

3.6        Appeal by an individual Church member against the decision of any council in terms of this Constitution in disciplinary cases shall be made to the next higher office.

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